High Schooler Makes Game-Winning Basket For The Wrong Team

  • Joe Levine

That’s no typo. Hugo’s Trey Johnson scored the game-winning basket in a high school basketball playoff game for the other team as time expired. This has to be the first play of its kind. As Verne Lunquist once said, bless his heart, he’s got to be the sickest man in America.

Before we get to the video, let’s set the stage.

It’s the Class 3A playoffs in Oklahoma high school basketball. Hugo is taking on Millwood in the quarterfinals. Hugo has a 37-36 lead and the ball with just 2.9 seconds remaining. Victory is in hand. All they need to do is dribble out the clock. And then, just like that, they gave it all away thanks to a bonehead play by Hugo guard Trey Johnson.

This is as must-see as it gets.

Maybe Johnson was inspired by the Lakers’ victory-sealing play against the Hornets the previous night? That seems plausible. Either way, your heart has to go out to the kid. Hopefully he can use this as motivation to ball out next season and make this blooper a mere footnote in his basketball career.

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