The Beautiful Purity Of Youth Sports: High School Goalie Scores Own Goal On Purpose, Gives Coaches Middle Finger, Leaves Ice

  • Glenn Davis

Ah, in an age when high-level sports are so hopelessly corrupted by the influences of big money and power – the age of PEDs, the age of people getting wise to the entire power structure of major college sports being a carefully-maintained sham – isn’t it nice to know there are still players out there who play for the pure love of the game? Yes, we’re talking about high school sports – the last bastion of true athletic innocence. Give us the passion of these kids any day of the week.

No billion-dollar owners, either – ever hear of relocation blues in high school? No sir. How about lockouts? Won’t see any of those in high school hockey, unlike the one that nearly crippled this NHL season. No, at the scholastic level all you’ve got are some kids and a heapin’ helpin’ of passion and effort and-

Oh, that’s right, forgot what dicks high school kids can be. Whoops. (More backstory here.)

[h/t The Nosebleeds]