This Is A Brawl At A High School Track Meet. How Do These Things Not Happen More Often?

  • Glenn Davis

The footage you’ll see below is from The Hispanic Games, one of the largest high school track meets in the country. The Games took place over the weekend in New York and featured athletes from over 300 schools. And interestingly, the event also featured a fight breaking out:

Now, if you’re like me, you saw this and thought, “Huh, weird – I’ve seen fights break out during plenty of sporting events, but never a track meet.” Then again, I didn’t run track in high school, so I asked a friend who did for all four years. And… he never saw a fight break out at a meet, either. Which made me think: how is this not a more common thing? OK, so track’s not a contact sport. But sometimes, runners get tangled up. And in track races, especially sprints, one false move and you’re done. So if a couple runners trip over one another, both are likely to be pissed even if it was an accident. And if someone doesn’t think it was accidental? That’s a brawl breeding ground.

Yet despite all that, despite all the track meets happening all the time all over the world, a quick peek around the internet looking for info any track fights turns up… well, not much since a different brawl that took place a year and a half ago. Either runners are especially peaceful folks, or the track is just not conducive to fisticuffs. Or maybe track’s just like every other youth sport, and mainly exists so the athletes’ families can get way too into it.

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