Hilary Knight Describes The Rivalry Between The Women’s U.S. And Canadian Hockey Teams: ‘Hatred’s Pretty Good’

  • Eric Goldschein

hilary knight

There were no fights in the preliminary round game between the U.S. and Canadian women’s hockey teams, which seems to go against everything that hockey stands for. But when these two teams play again (and trust us, they will play again), this fire is going to be stoked as hell. Dan Patrick sat down with American forward Hilary Knight today, and he asked her about her feelings for the Canadian team. No surprises here:

“We normally don’t see women’s sports where the world ‘hatred’ is involved. Is hatred a fair word to use between the United States and Canada? Or you got a better word?”

“No, hatred’s pretty good… when we get between the glass and it’s U.S. versus Canada, it’s everything on the line, it’s a great game to be a part of.”

So she backed off it a little at the end, but this is the kind of thoughtful, level-headed trash talk we like to see. You know it’s going down in the gold medal match.

Screencap via NBC