Nothing Spices Up A Spirited Hockey Brawl Like A Miley Cyrus Tune

  • Glenn Davis

Lack of NHL got you down? More specifically, lack of NHL got you down because it’s severely limiting your supply of hockey fights? Well, lucky you: the pros might be locked out, but junior hockey players aren’t. And when junior players get fired up, they are every bit as angry as any NHL enforcer. Like, for example, the guys on the Minnesota Wilderness and Thunder Bay North Stars of the Superior International Junior Hockey League. The proof, as they say, is in the guys trying to beat the crap out each other all over the place:

As you noticed if you watched the above clip all the way through, this was no ordinary hockey brawl: this was a hockey brawl with Miley Cyrus as background noise. We’d like to see you do that, NHL. Puck Daddy offers this historical tidbit about music in hockey fights:

Back in the day, Canadian arenas used to play “God Save The Queen” during wild brawls in an attempt to have the players respectfully end the violence in honor of the anthem.

To that, we say: we hope that music only made them fight harder. Nothing against the royal family, but do Canadians still actually respect them that much? Now, “O Canada,” that one we can imagine commanding the necessary respect to stop the fighting. That one’s about, you know, Canada. But in an alternate universe in which I were both Canadian and a potential candidate to ever conceivably be involved in a hockey brawl, I think “Party in the U.S.A.” would stand a better chance of cooling me down. Luckily for us fight-lovers, though, this group seemed beyond song-calming.

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