Hockey Players Can’t Wait For The Game, Throw Down During Ceremonial Puck Drop

  • Eric Goldschein

Seeing a fight at a hockey game is like seeing a dunk at a basketball game — commonplace, expected, and usually hoped for. Well, two hockey players know what we like, and wanted to give it to us as soon as possible. So they started punching each other before the game even started, during the pre-game ceremonies. How considerate of them to cut right to the chase! (via Puck Daddy)

To see how hockey fans feel about this, just look at the reaction of the two guys standing behind the fight on the ice. One seems to be thanking God for allowing such a joyous event to occur, and the other is grinning like a proud father might, while watching his two sons beat the crap out of each other.

The two fighters hockey players in question are Ryan Hand of the Texas Brahmas and Brett Clouthier of the Allen Americans, rival teams in the Central Hockey League. Before this skirmish broke out on Friday, Hand and Clouthier had already fought each other four times.

Check out what has to be at least a tie for the quickest fight in hockey history:

Immediately upon both players leaving the penalty box in the first period, they started yet another fight. Only in hockey, people.

Photo via Yahoo! Sports