Canadian Hockey Player Uppercuts Ref In The Face, Banned For Life From University Hockey

  • Dylan Murphy

Keep your eye focused on the upper right hand corner of the video, where a referee attempts to escort defenseman Brett Cook of Nipissing University to the penalty box. On the way to the box another scrum breaks out, and Cook does not want to be restrained. So naturally he throws a vicious uppercut at bent-over referee Nicholas Piche, sending the referee to the ice and limply holding on to Cook’s jersey as he drags him around.

According to Ontario University, of which Nipissing University is a part, Cook is now banned for life from playing hockey.

Via the Toronto Sun:

“Upon review by the OUA men’s hockey review panel, consisting of the OUA men’s hockey convener and a representative of the OUA Sport Committee, Brett Cook has been banned from participating in any OUA-sanctioned competition for the remainder of his university career.”

Here’s a GIF of the play, via It’s Always Sunny In Detroit:

[It’s Always Sunny In Detroit, Toronto Sun]