How About A Little Golf, Scarecrow? Because It’s Memorial Day, Here’s A Rather Amusing Collection Of Golf Cart Fails

  • Rick Chandler

Memorial Day of course means pausing to honor those who, as Lincoln so eloquently wrote, gave the last full measure of devotion for our nation. Today is is also a day to sit back and relax, to enjoy family and friends, and for golf and barbecues … but on those last two, hopefully not at the same time.

This spectacular inferno happened in 2012 at Peachtree City’s Huddleston Pond (GA). Eyewitness account: “I walked around the pond and met up with the driver and passengers. About this time, the cart pretty much burst into flames and there were multiple sounds that we (the driver, passengers and I) described as sounding like fireworks. It was very swift and very spectacular.” More photos here.

Yes, we’ve seen golf carts on fire, golf carts totally submerged in water, and everything in between. Here now, a gallery of the best golf cart fails — including one that happened earlier this week. Happy Memorial Day.