How Not To Throw A Ceremonial First Pitch

  • Eric Goldschein

This incredible example of how not to throw out the ceremonial first pitch comes to us from South Korea. Meet Jessica Jung, who was born in San Francisco and now sings for a Korean pop group called “Girls’ Generation.” Also, she can’t throw a ball for shit.

There is some fantastic build up here. She’s slowly escorted to the mound by two eager uh, things (I guess that’s the mascot?), she takes her time getting prepared, winding up, and then… fails miserably. Strange that they have a batter actually stand there for the first pitch — like he would actually swing at something she threw.

Asian countries produces the strangest ceremonial first pitches. But at least these aren’t actual female baseball players doing this. Is this what Our Lady Of Sorrows thought they’d be up against?

h/t Bob’s Blitz