How To Become The Coolest Long Snapper At Your High School: Do All These Things

  • Eric Goldschein

We don’t want to say “coolest person” because, to be fair, the quarterback is probably the coolest, not the guy who hikes the ball a long way. But this will definitely make you the coolest long snapper, no doubt. It will also make you a boatload of money, as you will probably go to the NFL if you can transfer these skills to the field.

Nick DiChiara is a Boston high school senior who’s headed to Colgate next fall. Nick, if football doesn’t work out for you, can we suggest the circus? Or maybe a substitute teacher. You seem like you’d be a rad substitute teacher. But go for football, dude. Not many people can block shots by throwing a football between their legs.

Bonus points are awarded for the use of ‘Big Willie Style,” as always.

h/t BroBible