HS Football Player Lands Houston Texans Cheerleader As Prom Date, Thanks To Twitter

  • Rick Chandler

Mike Ramirez is an offensive lineman for Crosby High in Texas, and with prom coming up, he did what every high school senior does: he asked an NFL cheerleader to be his date.

And she said yes.

One condition though: he had to get 10,000 retweets on Twitter. Mike actually thought of that, and he reached the goal in 24 hours. So Houston Texans cheerleader Caitlin agreed to the date.

Ultimate Texans:

“I was sitting in sixth period and everybody’s all like, ‘Oh, look, he’s one (retweet) away, he’s one away,’ ” Ramirez said. “And I hit 10 (thousand) and everybody started clapping and going crazy. And I was all, like, ‘Yep.’ ”

Caitlyn’s Twitter response about 2 p.m. Friday: “Can’t wait for prom.”