Huge Bus Gets Stuck At Tour De France Finish Line As Cyclists Approach, Chaos Ensues (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Remember that scene in European Vaction when Clark Griswald drives the rental car into a tight stone archway, getting it stuck, as a mob of angry villagers bares down on them? Ya, well, imagine if millions of dollars were at stake and it was real. That what happened today in the opening leg of the Tour de France, when Team Orica-GreenEDGE’s oversized bus tried to squeeze it’s way under the finish line banner…like…a…glove…FUCK!

Check this out…

To make matters worse, not a single rider had finished yet, meaning Tour officials were in a race of their own to get the damn thing unstuck before a gaggle of blood-dopers smashed into the back like a crushed up Coke can filled with used syringes. Unfortunately, the bus was moved and nothing insane happened, but not without a hitch: the bus must have hit some important time keeping apparatus (finish line detection system perhaps?) because results are slow coming out. See, you can’t just crash a bus into something an spray some Fabreeze on it and expect everything to be just fine.

Oh, and if you’re at all curious how the actual race turned out, German Marcel Kittel beat out Alexander Kristoff in a sprint to take the yellow Under Armour. So, good thing they got this bus out of the way. Otherwise, a sprint to the finish might have looked something like this…

H/T NBC Sports