This Little Pee Wee Football Player Who Got Steamrolled By A Giant Pee Wee Football Player Deserves Your Pity

  • Dylan Murphy

My mother is an assistant principal at a high school. She made me attend her high school’s homecoming football game a little over a month ago, and her high school had one gigantic man-child patrolling the sidelines in uniform the entire game. I asked her why he wasn’t playing, and apparently the opposing coach refused to allow his team to play if that kid stepped on the field. Ever.

He must have weighed close to 250 pounds and was at least 6-3. Nobody else appeared over 200 pounds or 6-0. Just a bunch of regular sized, regular high school kids. Although I was disappointed not to see him drag multiple defenders into the end zone with him, it was understandable. The kid was HUGE and terrifying and HUGE.

After watching the below video, it became even more apparent why gigantic kids are not allowed to play football with regular/little kids. The gigantic kids will seriously hurt the regular/little kids. And that’s what happened here, when this Hulk-child takes the handoff up the middle and some poor, though brave, defender tries to get in his way. And he does, in the literal sense, though he hardly stops his momentum. Instead he gets absolutely pancaked with an audible crack.

Also of note: the person who titled this video is kind of a dick:

“Little Boy Gets Ran Over By The Largest Kid In Pee Wee Football LOLOLOL”

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