Stop Everything And Watch This Obscenely Violent Rugby Hit

  • Matt Rudnitsky

When I saw the headline: This Rugby Hit is the Most Violent Thing You’ll Ever See, I was skeptical. I still am a bit skeptical because some of our readers have probably seen shootings or stabbings or Rex Ryan at Taco Bell, but even if you have, this will be in the running.

The man delivering the hit is Ruslan Casey, a man from Wanganui Collegiate secondary school in New Zealand, who runs really fast across large distances and then hurls himself at poor players who then collapse.

We do not know how old he is, but Wanganui Collegiate secondary school is a secondary school that houses kids of “years 9-15.” Check out their Wikipedia page for more info, and confirm the fact that you know none of their notable alumni, because you know nobody from New Zealand.