Hulk Hogan’s Awkward, Grainy Sex Tape Has Leaked

  • Dan Fogarty

A sex tape featuring legendary pro wrestler and 12-time world champion Hulk Hogan has leaked, and if you were hoping for footage of a huge, balding man being tentatively fellated by an age-appropriate woman, you’re in luck my friend. This tape has some of that hot action for you.

An edited version of the 30-minute tape was posted on Gawker yesterday, with helpful subtitles added. Gawker, which received the tape from an anonymous source who sought no payment, provides full play-by-play of the video.

Here’s a funny bit :

They grope each other and stare at each other. “What did you say?” she asks, laughing and tying up her hair in a pony tail. Then they both laugh because there was a miscommunication during the sex act and they don’t want to feel awkward.

It’s unclear whether Hogan or the woman he was with — who might be his friend’s ex-wife — knew they were being taped. Hogan, naturally, is threatening legal action. The tape can be viewed here, if your morbid curiosity gets the best of you. But be forewarned: you will see Hulk Hogan’s bare ass.