If An Old Guy Is Being Gored In The Anus, It Must Be The Annual Running Of The Bulls

  • Rick Chandler

Time once again to go to Pamplona, Spain, for the annual San Fermin Festival, where dumb animals are herded through the streets for amusement. Oh, and there are also bulls there.

Each year in Spain in addition to the festival there are also protests against this “sport”, in which the bulls are taunted by idiots and then gathered into the bull ring, where they are systematically tortured to death by sword and spear thrusts. But did you know that most bulls here die not from the stabbing, but by choking on their own blood? Yep. Then the bodies are hauled off by a fork lift. It’s like a Hemingway novel come to life!

And people come from all over the world to Pamplona to celebrate the slaughter each year. (If you go, your tourist dollars are supporting that).

Anyway, here are Monday’s statistics from the first day of the bull run:

Jose Aldaba, a spokesman for Spain’s Red Cross, said four people were taken to a city hospital for injuries sustained in the 8.a.m. run, the first of the annual San Fermin festival. One was gored in the thigh.

A statement from the Navarra regional government said the four were Spaniards but none was in serious condition.