If You’re Going To Post A Workout Video, Make Sure There Isn’t A Guy Taking A Dump Visible In The Frame

  • Rick Chandler

Conspiracy theorists, assemble!

The question is, does this fitness babe know that a guy taking a dump in the bathroom is visible in her workout video? It seems kind of unlikely that this wasn’t planned: there’s obviously a cameraman involved, and a bit of the way through the video the bathroom door has been closed.

But at the :20 mark or so, on the far left — there he is. While the woman is trying to make a No. 1 workout video, we have a guy at the edge of the frame working on No. 2.

It’s the HiitLean Burnout Challenge video series, where a typical video will get 15,000 or so views within the first week. This one has close to 700,000 views since May 9, so if it was all staged, they got what they wanted.

See how many times you can watch this video and laugh at the pooping man. Post your scores.

From Daily Hit, via Happy Place.