I’m Sure The Russians Are Thrilled With Johnny Weir’s Outfit Here

  • Rick Chandler

U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir appeared on Keith Olbermann’s ESPN program on Monday night and gave his take on why this country shouldn’t boycott the Winter Olympics. First and foremost, as it seemed to me, is that Weir is going and he doesn’t want to miss out.

I could be wrong about his motives, but his quote is confusing:

“I live in New Jersey, so I’m not even still considered an equal human. I wasn’t considered an equal in this country, so why should I stay away from another country that doesn’t consider me equal, and why should I not show the world what I worked hard for?”

Also, don’t boycott Russian vodka because some of those factory workers may be gay. What, Johnny? Anyway, judge for yourself (on the 6.0 Figure Skating Judging System):

It’s still unclear how or if Russian authorities would enforce their anti-gay activism laws during the Sochi Games.

But about the outfit: you can’t see all of them in the screen shot, but Weir is wearing at least three medals. What are they for? And why only a one-star general? Could a figure skating three-star general come in and overturn his views?

Towel Road called the getup “bizarre”. I say that if more Russian military leaders rolled up the sleeves of their uniform jackets, Syria would get back in line and this world would be a safer place.

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