In All The Confusion, I’ll Bet You Didn’t Notice That The U.S. Got Its First Medal In Two-Man Bobsled Since 1952

  • Rick Chandler

I’ve been thinking a lot about what music I’m going to use for my Olympic Ice Dancing debut, and I believe I’ll go with “Short People” by Randy Newman. But that preoccupation made me totally miss this: The USA-1 bobsled, with Steve Holcomb piloting, took bronze in two-man bobsled today at the awesomely-named Sanki Sliding Center. Some fun facts about that:

* It breaks a 62-year drought for the U.S., which last won a medal in this event in 1952.

* The U.S. bobsled was designed and manufactured by a German car company (BMW).

* The Germans, meanwhile, finished seventh and eighth.

* Germany has won 11 of 24 gold medals in bobsled, luge and skeleton since 2002.

* Holcomb had earlier suffered an injured calf.

* Russia won the gold medal and Switzerland took the silver.

* Officially the event is called “Bobsleigh”, which is absolutely adorable in a Currier & Ives, beer commercial kind of way.

Wall Street Journal:

Holcomb had sight-saving eye surgery ahead of the Vancouver Olympics, though after he fixed his vision, his driving suffered because he had to get used to steering the sled with his eyes instead of just by feel. He is also the pilot of one of Team USA’s four-man sleds, which won the gold medal in 2010 and is a favorite here in Sochi this year. He’ll be back on the track Saturday and Sunday.

Image: Getty.