Incredibly Goofy And Boring Dude Wins PGA Championship, Celebrates With Hot Wife

  • Eric Goldschein

dufner kissing

Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship win yesterday was a victory for the goofy, boring people of the world. In a game known mainly for being plodding and methodical, played by the world’s worst-dressed and most awkward people, Dufner would probably be the poster boy, except that this was his first major win and Tiger Woods exists.

Dufner posted a 2-under-par 68 to beat second-place Jim Furyk by two strokes. Two years after losing a four shot lead with four holes to go, the man best known for creating a meme simply by being himself added another layer to his ungainly mystique by winning in super-boring fashion. It’s as if a chubby, confused looking Shia LeBeouf made a movie about being the most boring golfer alive.

Some quotes, direct from Dufner, about his win yesterday.

“For me, golf is a little bit more boring. I hit it in the fairway or I didn’t.”

“I would say I was pretty flat-lined for most of the day.”

So yesterday was already strange enough. Then his wife appeared, and we were once again reminded how unfair this world can be. The boring, goofy guy who plays golf gets the babe? I picked the wrong life, man.

Here’s Amanda Dufner celebrating with her meme-able husband. She apparently has a very touchable butt. Hashtag journalism.


[Update: For some reason, this article earlier called Dufner Australian. That is false. He is a good ol’ boy from America.]

All photos via Getty Images except where otherwise noted.