Indestructible Soccer Ball Gets Tested By A Lion And The Ball Wins

  • Zach Berger

Tim Jahnigen is the man behind the One World Futbol Project, an initiative that has created a virtually indestructible soccer ball.

Jahnigen saw a problem in war-torn third-world countries, where he says that the average life of a typical soccer ball is only about an hour as kids play on makeshift pitches susceptible to the elements of their locale.

The solution to that problem came in the form of a ball that re-inflates itself and survives punctures wounds from knives and even more impressively, lion’s teeth. Jahnigen had the ball tested by a lion, which played with it for hours, biting and clawing away at the indestructo-ball before tiring itself out and conceding victory to the toy.

This philanthropic advancement in sports equipment is both fun to watch (because Katie Couric maniacally stabbing soccer balls is hilarious) and heartwarming (because its actually making life better for children in impoverished countries).

See for yourself: