Indian Restaurant Sponsors Youth Soccer Team, Of Course Replaces Names On Jerseys With Kids’ Favorite Menu Items

  • Rick Chandler

We take you now to Cheshire, England — an upscale county that’s home to Wayne Rooney and James Bond (Craig … Daniel Craig). Also residing there are the boys of Bollington United, a Stockport Metro League seven-a-side youth soccer team.

Bollington needed a sponsor this year, and they landed a good one: a local Indian restaurant called Viceroy. In gratitude for the business buying new uniforms for the players, Bollington coaches decided to honor their sponsor by replacing the players’ names on the backs of their jerseys with different menu items from the restaurant.

Because, England.

The team line-up now features Spencer ‘Tikka’ Hall, Oliver ‘Jalfrezi’ Gaunt, Jackson ‘Madras’ Mather, Will ‘Tandoori’ Richardson, Caleb ‘Rogan Josh’ Rogers, Sam ‘Bhuna’ Baistow, Paddy ‘Kurma’ Watts and Tom ‘Vindaloo’ Boyd.


“We were looking for a sponsor so we could buy the new kits,” said manager John Baistow, 48. “To say thank you to the Viceroy, we tried to think of something that would really catch the eye.

“We told Tom Boyd he would be vindaloo because he was such a hot striker.”

Or it could be because every time you’re looking to put him into the game, he’s in the restroom.

Luckily this did not happen when I played youth soccer. My name would have been ‘Minced Coconut Chicken and Pea’, which would have been rather undignified.