Sometimes All You Have To Do To Win Gold Is Not Fall Down

  • Eric Goldschein

short track fall

The women’s 500 meter short track finals ended in spectacularly brutal fashion when three of the four skaters collided and crashed, allowing then-fourth place skater Jianrou Li of China to rocket into first and take the gold medal.

Twenty seconds into the race, Park Seung-Hi (Korea) led Arianna Fontana (Italy) and Elise Christie (Great Britain) with Li bringing up the rear. Christie tried to make a pass on one of the turns and ended up wiping out everyone except Li, who went on to win the race by six seconds.

Here’s a GIF below, via BI Sports (footage via BBC):

The resulting photos of the crash and its emotional aftermath are just spectacular:


This is why you never, ever give up. You never know when your opponents will go crashing into the wall through no fault of their own.

Photos via Getty