Is George Zimmerman’s MMA Training Gym Trying To Cash In On His Murder Trial? You Be The Judge

  • Rick Chandler

So George Zimmerman apparently was a regular at Kokopelli’s Gym, a workout haven in Longwood, FL, where he allegedly received martial arts training. We’ll forgo trying to be funny or clever here because, you know, someone died.

But is the gym trying to cash in on the case by promoting Zimmerman’s MMA training routine? You be the judge.

London Daily Mail:

[Gym owner Adam] Pollock had earlier testified to the trial how Zimmerman was an utter novice at martial arts and described him as being ‘grossly obese’.

He said that in terms of physical ability, he would rate Zimmerman as 1 out of 10 and no higher than a 1.5 out of 10 as a wrestler, suggesting the form may have been intended for media requests.

That tends to make sense. But apparently some disagree.

Some reviews from the Kokopelli’s Gym Yelp page:

I’d give this gym zero stars if I could, overall experience is lackluster. The trainers are incompetent. MMA style is not hard to learn, it’s almost as easy as a woman’s self defense class so the fact that he lied and said a fully functioning man could not learn to throw a punch in a year, when he obviously knew enough to throw a punch on an ex girlfriend which landed him a restraining order against him, is disgusting. Save your money and patronize a gym with integrity and competence. — Jennifer, Atlanta, GA

On the surface it’s sleazy enough to promote your business at the expense of a murdered kid. But even more so for them to have the nerve to offer this Yelp coupon today:

* $50 for $75 Deal at Kokopelli’s Gym
* You get a voucher redeemable for $75 at Kokopelli’s Gym.
* Print out your voucher, or redeem on your phone with the Yelp app.

Shame on Kokopelli’s Gym. You should have waited a few weeks THEN try to cash in on the dead kid. — Heidi, Corona, CA

The [above] reviews that judge this man are unfair. Yes, life is not fair but one must not go out of the way to degrade another’s business when you have never even been there! It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of National TV and do what he did. No matter what “side” you are on… give this dude a break. He is a business owner. Are you? — Dave, San Diego, CA.

Other Yelp reviews:

“learn to get your ass handed to you, but you’ll be safe if you carry a gun,” — KRS R.

“After one whole year of training at your gym, an adult male with no physical impairment and no illnesses couldn’t throw a punch? Your trainers are horrible… or better yet, liars,” — Heena A.

“If you want to be a soft Pillsbury Doughboy, after a year of MMA training, we are your gym. — Tina E.