Is Germany Giving Putin The Big Middle Finger With These Winter Olympic Uniforms?

  • Rick Chandler

NOW: Check out how the uniforms looked when they debuted at the Opening Ceremony >

Germany has officially denied that their rainbow-themed Winter Olympics outfits are a comment on Russia’s homophobic laws and policies. But, I mean .. come on. This has to be Grade-A, 100 percent trolling.

The unis, which debuted at a runway show in Düsseldorf today, were created by German designer Willy Bogner, along with Adidas and Sioux. Bogner says they were “an homage to the aesthetics of the 1972 Munich Summer Games.” Um … whatever you say, Willy.

But other commentators have seen a more explicitly political message in the uniforms. On Twitter, German users interpreted the uniforms “as a rainbow pattern” and as a “clear political statement.” “Looks great, like a gay and lesbian pride parade,” wrote one user. “Extremely hideous — but a well-intentioned move supporting the rights of gays and lesbians,” wrote another. The official description, which claims the outfits “were created using colors and materials specially tailored to the conditions in Sochi” seemed to, in ambiguous fashion, support that interpretation.

Whether the intent was there or not, these outfits are going to make quite a splash during the opening ceremonies. Think Bob Costas is going to go with the “1972 Munich homage” angle? Probably not.

Finally, the sentence “Those uniforms are so gay” will be heard as a compliment.