An Israeli Cop Tackled A Fan On A Soccer Pitch In The Most Appropriate Takedown Ever

  • Dylan Murphy

Here we have a fan running through the field rather tentatively in a tank top during the 81st minute of Maccabi Haifa’s 2-1 victory over Beitar Jerusalem, easily eluding the slow-footed police. That is until one creative Israeli police officer decided that a sliding challenge (appropriately so) from behind was his best bet. And it was, however red card-worthy it may have been, as he easily took down his adversary and hauled him off the field.

Here’s how we’d appropriately apprehend other court/field trespassers, if we were security personnel.

Baseball: Yell “Yer outta here” while giving the “Yer outta here!” arm toss and refuse to track his movements with camera technology because TECHNOLOGY WILL BE THE DEATH OF US.
Basketball: Set a really hard screen.
Hockey: A nice and easy check into the boards.
Tennis: Forehand to the face.
Curling: Brush the ice directly in front of his feet until he falls.

[Dirty Tackle]