It Was Kind Of An Obvious Hoax, But Fresno Grizzlies Confirm: Woman Who Threw Drink At Guy On Kiss Cam Works For The Team

  • Rick Chandler

The Fresno Grizzlies have pranked us before — remember the Amazing Ball Girl catch, that turned out to be a stealth YouTube ad for Gatorade? They were at it again last week with a video that also went viral, but unlike the ball girl ploy was pretty obviously a setup.

For those who somehow missed it: guy and girl appear on Kiss Cam. Guy is on cell phone, too busy to kiss girl. Girl retaliates by dumping drink on guy, then leaves with mascot. Video below.

Most of you called shenanigans immediately, but what was not known is just how blatant a setup it was. The girl in the video actually works for the Grizzlies: her name is Kellie Henderson, a supervisor in the promotions department.

CBS47, Fresno, via Los Angeles Times:

“We decided, you know, there’s going to be a pretty big crowd,” she explains. “We should do what we can and try and get the people to laugh. That’s our job here at the Grizzlies, to make sure they have a good time.”

This isn’t the first time this hoax has been pulled, either.