Italian Soccer Club Fined Because President Yelled Insults At The Referee On The Stadium Loudspeaker

  • Dylan Murphy

During a recent fourth tier Italian soccer match between Nuovo Campobasso and Arzanese, Nuovo Campobasso club president Ferruccio Capone simply could not handle the rash of referee decisions going against his club. The final straw was drawn in the second half of the match when one of his players was sent off with a red card, so Capone exploded. Not to the media, Mark Cuban-style, but through a more direct method. Like, say, laying siege upon the announer’s booth, hijacking the microphone and yelling at the referee through the loudspeaker.

(Skip ahead to 3:10).

The club was fined €10,000 for Capone’s actions, which seems a little low – especially in light of the Spurs, who were fined $250,000 and are being sued for well, not saying anything.

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