Italian Soccer Team Lazio Holds Mock Funeral For Crosstown Rival Roma Complete With Sobbing Widow

  • Ricky Boebel

AS Roma-Lazio is a huge Italian football rivalry. Lazio recently beat Roma in the Coppa Italia final for bragging rights over Rome.

You may remember Lazio for their violent/racist fans. Thankfully these supporters chose to celebrate through a tongue-in-cheek funeral for Roma. The procession took place in front of 4000 people with a priest, a casket, pall-bearers and a fake sobbing widow. The only thing missing was genuine sadness.

So will the mock-funeral be the next victory parade? I doubt it, but I would enjoy seeing it in a few scenarios:

1. If a seemingly unbeatable team loses a championship game.
Example: The Giants host a mock funeral for the almost-perfect 2007 Patriots.

2. If a tortured franchise loses in classic tortured franchise fashion.
Example: The Cubs host their own mock funeral after the Steve Bartman incident just so their fans accept it’s never going to happen.

3. If a tortured franchise finally wins and gets the monkey off their back.
Example: The 2004 Red Sox have some kind of Voodoo funeral to cast off the evil spirits from the curse of the Bambino, complete with sacrificial baseball memorabilia.

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