McIlroy Vs. Machine: If Caddyshack Were Cast With Robots, It Might Resemble This

  • Rick Chandler

How much money would I pay to watch Rory McIlroy get beaten at golf by Stephen Hawking? A lot. But since that hasn’t happened, we have the next best thing: McIlroy vs. a golfing robot. The European Tour produced this video recently of McIlroy taking on a golfing robot (Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine, or “Geoff”), seeing which could hit the most balls into a series of washing machines. Why washing machines? Because as a child, McIlroy used to practice by chipping into the washing machine at home.

Geoff seems to come out on top here: especially in the shit-talking department. ROBOT: “Losing to a robot is like losing to Martin Kymer.”

MCILROY: (Attempts to unplug robot).

ROBOT: “Do you realize where you just touched me? I thought we were getting along, but not that well.”