It’s Way Past Time To Check In On Knox City Football Superfan Chad McGhee

  • Rick Chandler

It’s never officially the start of football season until we see an unhinged video rant from Knox City Greyhounds superfan Chad McGhee. Here’s McGhee’s annual start-of-the-season message, a masterpiece of spittle and inspiration that is just the thing to get you in the mood for some Texas high school six-man football.

He is not what one would call a conventional public speaker: among other things, that undershirt looks like it was retrieved from a shallow grave. But Chad McGhee cares not about the finer points of fashion — only about “Knox! City! Football!”

The 38-year-old, who began producing his inspirational YouTube videos in 2011, has become a local legend in this small Texas community north of Abilene. He’s even begun farming out his services — people can contact him on his Twitter page, and for a small fee McGhee will perform an inspirational video rant to announce their wedding, community event or whatever.

Despite his efforts, the Texas Division 8, Class A team finished a disappointing 4-6 last season. But the Greyhounds are off to a blistering 2-0 start this year, having just throttled Rotan High 63-40 last week.

This year’s video is of course an instant classic, but I don’t believe he’ll ever top last year’s, when McGhee actually put on pads and a loose-fitting helmet.