J.R. Smith Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Which Means If You Don't Do It, Just How Bad A Person Are You, Really?

  • Eric Goldschein

J.R. Smith is the latest athlete/public figure to allow a bucket of ice cold water to be poured over his head in the name of ALS research. Good for him! He nominates Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul to do it next:

And guys, no pressure, but if J.R. “Get hammered at the club during the playoffs; offer ‘pipe’ to a women via social media; the ‘Clown Prince of Basketball‘” Smith is doing this, then you have no choice.

Smith also ups the donation amount to $10,000, as he should. By contrast, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg told his nominees that they’d have to donate $100 if they didn’t complete the challenge. Awkward.