Jake “The Snake” Roberts Sings Take Me Out To The Ballgame At Braves Game, Plans To Win Next Year’s Royal Rumble

  • Jake O'Donnell

This is exactly who Mickey Rourke’s The Wrestler is based on. After a lifetime of cocaine and women and booze and snakes and choke slams, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is somehow alive, and looking to turn things around. Apparently, coughing out Take Me Out To The Ballgame is a step in that direction for him. Touching, though it did sound like he could drop dead any moment during the thing.

Next step: Win next year’s Royal Rumble. Here he is giving a Randy “The Ram” Robinson-esque mea culpa at some amateur wrestling event, then getting all excited about a return. If the movie is any indication, he’ll oversleep the PPV event and cut his hand on a meat slicer…

H/T Deadspin