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James Harden Left Out Of The JJ Watt/Jose Altuve Bromance

James Harden Left Out Of The JJ Watt/Jose Altuve Bromance
  • Gregg Sussman

For anyone that watched the 2017 MLB Playoffs, you already knew how good of a guy Jose Altuve is. Of course, he became literally the greatest teammate ever, after the World Series victory.

Now, Altuve has taken it a step further. He’s not just being a good teammate to his buddies on the Astros, but also for the athlete that seemingly most identifies with Houston, in JJ Watt. After Hurricane Harvey, no one raised more money for the city than the Texans defensive end and Altuve justs wanted to send a little show of thanks. So after giving all of his teammates bottles of the Crown Royal XR, he hooked up JJ Watt with a bottle as well.

Two iconic Houston athletes bonding over Crown Royal. Our only question for Jose Altuve?

What about James Harden?

Okay, so maybe Harden wasn’t the face of the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, but he was totally involved!

And it’s not like he hasn’t been supportive of JJ Watt!

More importantly, Jose Altue, Harden has been with you guys the whole way! Look at him and CP3 sitting behind home plate!

Even when Harden couldn’t be there, he still sent his support from afar!

The Jose Altuve/JJ Watt bromance is awesome, but it needs to add a third BFF. We need to get James Harden some Crown Royal XR, #HoustonStrong edition!