Here’s Jason Collins’ 6’5” Stanford Graduate Ex-Fiancee Lifting Weights In A Bikini

  • Eric Goldschein

Yesterday we brought you the story of Carolyn Moos, the women Jason Collins was once set to marry before he called off their engagement back in 2009. While Moos was surprised at the time, the way things ended makes a lot more sense nowadays.

And while we know that Moos was a former Stanford basketball player, we didn’t quite know her full back story. Well, here’s a little bit more information for you, via Busted Coverage:

Moos, 34, is a former Stanford basketball player who now works as a personal trainer, models and acts a nutritional consultant.

It appears that Moos is very hands on with her work, and likes to combine her various professional duties when possible. For example, in this video, she is modeling, personal training, consulting — doing it all, really:

Turns out there are a ton of these videos on her YouTube page.

Ms. Moos, I’m sorry if you suffered any embarrassment as a result of Jason’s admission (not to mention this follow up post), but you seem like every man’s dream and will undoubtedly have suitors banging on your door any minute now. So, silver lining?