Jelena Ristic: A Tennis Girlfriend We’d Build A Bridge For

  • Glenn Davis

Here are a few facts about Australian Open champion/current best tennis player on the planet Novak Djokovic:

1. He’s a legitimately entertaining fellow. He wants to act, and he might just be good at it.

2. He’s also a very religious fellow, and was kissing his cross necklace/crossing himself enough during and after the Nadal match that a few started making Tebow comparisons.

3. He openly and proudly holds some controversial views about his home country of Serbia’s relationship with the bordering Kosovo territory – i.e. that it should be recognized as part of Serbia. A condemnation of his viewpoint is here, while this paints a more sympathetic picture of Djokovic. This all should arguably be a bigger deal than it is.

4. Back to the smaller details: Djokovic’s father used to wear a t-shirt with a picture of his son on it at his matches.

5. He has an extremely attractive girlfriend, Jelena Ristic. But since you probably clicked on this post mostly to see the gallery above, you know that already.

Photos via here, here, here, here, and here