Jerry Sandusky Is Also Writing Letters From Prison, If You’re Interested In Seeing That

  • Eric Goldschein

What could be more enjoyable than slipping inside the mind of a convicted child rapist for a few moments? Probably any other activity in the known universe. But if you are in the mood to see what Jerry Sandusky thinks about his current, confined reality, a few of the letters he has written to “pen pals” are now available for viewing.

What kind of person would want to become a “pen pal” of the man who destroyed an untold number of lives with his frighteningly repugnant behavior? Who knows. But Sandusky has responded in at least two letters obtained by TMZ, and he certainly seems defeated, if not willing to admit that he’s a horrible human being.

You can read both letters, dated from May and June, on TMZ’s site. Here, we’ll just include the most salient bit that should tell you everything you need to know:

Creepy. Unnerving. Completely out of context. Read the rest, if you so choose.

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