One Pro Golfer Provided A Calm, Astute Reaction To This Week’s Earthquake

  • Glenn Davis

It’s possible you’ve seen the reaction of Ravens receiver/kick returner Torrey Smith to the East Coast earthquake earlier this week. Smith appeared startled, to say the least, when the ground started rumbling. And since we posted that video, we think it’s only fair to point you to the polar opposite athlete earthquake reaction: that of golfer Jim Furyk.

Shane Bacon of Yahoo!’s Devil Ball Golf points out that the reaction you see above is perfectly in character for the even-keeled Furyk, going as far as to say “there are very few people in this world” who are tougher to rattle. Still, we’re impressed by anyone whose reaction to an earthquake is to not move and literally just say the word, “Earthquake.”

And it’s not like Furyk’s been in California all his life, leaving him desensitized to minor ground tremors. He went to college in Arizona, and has doubtless spent plenty of time in California for tournaments, but he’s originally from Pennsylvania and now lives in Florida. In other words, East Coasters who freaked out: you’ve got no excuse.