Jimmy Fallon And Drake Play First Nationally Televised Gamed Of Beer Hockey

  • Jake O'Donnell

About a month ago, we posted this photo (below) after a guy up there in the great north got drunk and augmented an air hockey table to hold solo cups. Simple enough, right? Why didn’t you think of that?

Because you’re neither drunk nor competitive enough. Now go to the fridge and get started. We’re timing you.

Fallon — whose team of writers are primarily tasked with devising ways he can turn his show into a frat party with celebrities — turned his show into a frat party with celebrities. Drake, specifically, who is very, very Canadian. NOTE: Canadians to beer hockey are like Kenyans to marathoning, or Mississippians to NOT marathoning.

Strangely enough, the first televised game ever yielded an interesting problem: What if you make it in the hole of a cup you already drank? SportsGrid’s Solution: They have to drink the rest of their beer, because duh, that’s the only secondary rule in drinking games.

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