Independent League Baseball Team Offers Michael Jordan Contract, Includes Mustard Potato Salad

  • Dylan Murphy

The Frontier League is an independent baseball league in no way affiliated with Minor or Major League Baseball, though some of their players have had brief MLB stints. The league’s 16 teams are split into two divisions, East and West, and last season the Southern Illinois Miners took home the championship.

The Joliet Slammers did not fare so well (grounds crew included), finishing the season at 37-58 and second to last in the West. That’s probably why the banner splashed across the team’s website highlights the championship they won in 2011.

But the Slammers have already taken the first step in recapturing their former glory; on the team’s website sits an open invitation to Michael Jordan – baseball player Michael Jordan – to join the team. And he’ll get all the fixins:

“As the offer stands, Jordan would be granted a maximum Frontier League contract of $1,600 per month with $20 daily meal money and a host family if needed, although unlikely. Players typically receive two tickets per game on the pass list, but with the overwhelming amount of family and friends in the area, the Slammers would be willing to provide Jordan with a Loaded Luxury Suite for 23 people that includes all-you-can-eat and drink hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, mustard potato salad, baked beans, cookies and Pepsi products for 90 minutes every game. The team would also be open to signing a shoe deal with Brand Jordan for the upcoming season and look into purchasing the JordanCruiser, the famous bus that Michael “bought” for his former team.”

Baked beans! Mustard potato salad! Max contract! Hard to pass up.

Too bad Jordan is actually above the league’s age limit (30) by a mere 20 years, and the Slammers will have to pay a fine should Jordan accept the offer. Also: the team will retire Jordan’s baseball number, 45, should he decide not to play. By our estimation, that consolation prize is like, a bazillion times more valuable than handwritten Coach K letters.


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