Jordan Beats Kuwait 21-0 In Women’s Soccer Match And They Actually Have A Good Reason For It

  • Ricky Boebel

In a statement of dominance, the Jordan Women’s national team beat Kuwait 21-0 on Friday. This sounds excessive, but Jordan needed to score 18 to make sure they won their group of the Asian Cup qualifiers. The reason they needed so many goals was Uzbekistan defeated Kuwait 18-0 in an earlier match.

It’s a strange/hilarious experience to watch highlights of a team pushing so hard during a blowout. However in this case it’s completely justifiable, Jordan had no choice but to run back every goal for a quick restart because Uzbekistan were such assholes in their match with Kuwait. Also the almost certainly Jordanian commentator maintains the same amount of enthusiasm for all 21 goals. That either shows an extreme level of professionalism or a deep seeded hatred of Kuwait.

I’ll leave it to Borat to summarize this story:

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