Badass Of The Century Fractures Skull, Wins MMA Fight Anyway

  • Dan Fogarty

Above, you’ll see an X-ray photo of MMA fighter JP Joubert‘s skull, taken after he won his fight against Norman Wessels by TKO. Because of this — win by TKO after suffering a skull fracture — JP Joubert will be referred to as “Badass of the Century” for the duration of this post.

The fight took place at last month’s EFC 15, but the fractured skull photos are just now coming out thanks to Badass of the Century’s Twitter account and the EFC’s injury report (official diagnosis: “Frontal sinus fracture and concussion”). As The Big Lead’s Stephen Douglas notes, Badass of the Century took “a multitude of knees, elbows and fists” to the area where you see all that cracked bone and such. He fought through it though, because, again: Badass of the Century.

Video of the bout is here (fast forward to the 10:20 mark for the actual fightin’).

[The Big Lead]