Just To Annoy You, Justin Bieber Hung Out With Kevin Durant And Tyson Chandler Shirtless

  • Eric Goldschein

You know it’s August when the top story of the morning is Justin Bieber took a photo of himself with athletes. But this one is so bizarre that it’s actually worth mentioning.

Kevin Durant and Tyson Chandler are in L.A., and after Durant was spotted working out with Kevin Love, the Biebs uploaded this photo to Instagram of the two, plus this dude Carl Lentz (who is apparently a hipster preacher from Virginia who now lives in New York City and uses “slang” when he delivers the word of God) hanging out at his house.

We have questions:

1. Why do professional athletes — and really good ones, at that — want to hang out with Justin Bieber?

2. What was the impetus for Bieber removing his shirt? Was it off when everyone got there, and he didn’t want to seem modest by covering up? Or were they just talking and he suddenly stripped and told his buddy to snap a photo?

3. Was this a prayer session? If so, why did Justin Bieber remove his shirt?

4. What do these guys do with each other besides get photographed? Do they play ball? Is that why Justin Bieber has no shirt?

5. Seriously, where is your shirt, Justin?

They probably just came over to congratulate him for giving a homeless woman money while sitting in his Ferrari with the icy wrist. And then he took this photo, because we’re all a bunch of salty haters and he gets to do this while we don’t. *Cue the last five seconds of the “Malcolm In The Middle” theme song.*