Just Who Was That Woman In Blue Singing With JLo And Pitbull At The World Cup?

  • Rick Chandler

It says in the tweet below that they were killing it, but that’s only about 33.3 percent true. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull were horrid — nearly as bad as their “official” World Cup song. But who is that singer in blue that almost saved the performance?

Claudia Leitte is a South American pop singer and TV personality who is crazy famous in Brazil. She’s performed at the Billboard Music Awards and the Miss Universe pageant over here, so it’s not like she’s an unknown — but some may not know her.

Hmm, about those ghost dancers in the background. “Dr. Who” extras? Contestants on a Japanese game show? Not really sure, and I don’t think Brazil is, either. They’re just there to distract us from the horrible singing.

And … is that a dancing asparagus on the far right? Pure nightmare fuel.

OK this is horrible, like a hundred monkeys blowing on vuvuzelas. But why should I be the only one to suffer?: