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In Australia, A Mob Of Kangaroos Will Go Ahead And Delay An LPGA Tournament

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

A mob/troop/herd of kangaroos interrupted play on the first day of the LPGA Australian Open at the Royal Canberra Golf Club Thursday, which is something I am absolutely not making up.

Guys, a herd of kangaroos interrupted a golf tournament in Australia. Apparently, these things actually happen. I guess golf courses are susceptible to the elements and wildlife — it’s not uncommon to find a stray alligator on the links in South Florida, maybe a howling coyote out in Scottsdale.

But a troop of kangaroos crossing the fairway on a golf course in Australia in the middle of a professional tournament is one of those things that makes us thankful for stereotypes. Not all stereotypes, just the ones about Australians and kangaroos.

For the record, Kangaroo Mob sounds like a Bravo reality show about families of former Australian mobsters. Not pertinent, still important.

[USA Today, Getty Images]