Ken Jeong Photobombed A Bunch Of ‘Kate Upton Pretends To Be Boning/Giving Footjobs’ Photoshoots

  • Eric Goldschein

In a bit of meta-photobombing, GQ appeared to give Ken Jeong license to photobomb their Kate Upton shoots for a day. Watch as that dude whose dick you saw in “The Hangover” pretends said dick is actually a pool noodle while Kate Upton gives a seductive over-the-jeans pseudo-footjob to some guy whose life I wish I had, below.

However tenuous this video’s connection to sports may be (Reminder: Kate Upton was once in Sports Illustrated, giving us the right — nay, the responsibility — to keep you updated on her happenings), we hope you laugh. We kinda sorta did. We were distracted. By Kate Upton. You understand, don’t you?