Tip: Do Not Attempt Fancy Dunks Unless You Are Really Sure You Can Do Them

  • Glenn Davis

Every so often we update an infrequently-recurring series here at SportsGrid, “How To Be The Coolest Kid In School.” Previous installments have included middle school dunkers, foot-basket-trick-ballers, and halfcourt-heaving third graders. Unfortunately, though, most of the time the awesome stuff that would make you the coolest kid in school doesn’t happen. In fact, some especially unlucky times, the exact opposite outcome of the one that would have made you the coolest kid in school happens. Point is, while we’d feel a little bad going as far as to call the following video “How Not To Be The Coolest Kid In School” …well…

Oof. At least the kid seemed okay. Who’d have thought trying to jump over a rack of basketballs and dunk could go so wrong?

[The Big Lead]