Kid Hits Full-Court Buzzer-Beater To Win Game, Then Does It Again For TV The Next Day

  • Rick Chandler

We take you now to Holmen, Wis., where 13-year-old Easton Gamoke is playing in a two-state eighth-grade basketball tournament on Sunday. His YMCA Running Rebels are tied with the opposition, 44-all, with just a couple seconds left in the game. Gamoke doesn’t like overtime so much, so he heaves a desperation, full-court shot at the buzzer, and …

It’s good!

Gamoke is from Winona, Minn., so local TV station KMSP asked him to recreate the shot on camera for their newscast. Fat chance, but he said he’d try. Then on his first attempt …

The quotes, however, were the best part. Gamoke, on the original shot:

“It didn’t look like it was going in at first, but then it started curving,” he remembered. “Now everybody knows who we are and everything.”

Teammate Austin Weatherhead:

“All girls love basketball players.”

Random parent who videotaped the original shot:

“Oh my gosh!”

Same parent, heard at the TV taping when the second shot went in:

“Oh my gosh!”