The Knicks Are So Bad They Got The ‘First Take’ Guys To Stop Arguing — And That Was BEFORE Last Night’s Loss To The Pistons

  • Eric Goldschein

stephen a smith first takeUsually, the tandem of Stephen A. Smith and Skip “Chicken & Broccoli” Bayless is the most insufferable part of the ESPN news cycle. But leave it to the Knicks to help these guys put together what is probably the most watchable “First Take” segment of all time.

Keep in mind: This aired yesterday, which means it was before the Knicks dropped yet another game, against yet another team that they are competing with for a playoff spot — a team that, by most accounts, is not good. So you might say this Smith rant, followed up Bayless — shockingly — agreeing with the brutal assessment, doesn’t go far enough in condemning James Dolan’s team:

Smith’s dejection at having to say Jerry Jones is a better owner than the guy who runs his favorite team, and the way Cari Champion and Bayless try to sympathize with him, is the closest we’ll ever come to a compelling, humanizing moment on this program.