Knockout Round Scenarios, Stats And Reaction To The Stunning 2-2 U.S.-Portugal Draw

  • Rick Chandler

Silvestre Varela’s 95th-minute goal — off of a perfectly-placed pass from Cristiano Ronaldo — was the equalizer that cost the U.S. 2 points and resulted in a 2-2 draw with Portugal today in the World Cup. It was the latest goal surrendered in group stage history, by the way. Ouch.

Positive takeaways for the U.S.: a fierce comeback as it pushed around the No. 4 team in the world for most of the match. Plus, if Portugal beats Ghana, the U.S. advances to the knockout round, even if they lose to Germany … unless the combined goal differential is more than 5. Also a tie with Germany puts the U.S. in. Got it?